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Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

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Always wanted a tattoo, but you’re too young, you just don’t dare yet, or you don’t know which design or text to choose? Or you want a tattoo, but not for ever? Here is your – temporary – solution: Temporary Airbrush Tattoo

An airbrush tattoo is a temporary tattoo sprayed onto the skin with the use of an airbrush. The airbrush is a small ‘paintbrush’ operated with the use of a mini-compressor. The tattoo can be sprayed very accurate on the skin, with or without the use of a stencil (f.e. bodypainting gets done mostly without stencils). Get it On Tattoos works mainly with the use of special cut stencils. Depending on the skintype (dry/greasy skin) and the position of the tattoo on the body (arm/leg/back/hand/ect.), the temporary tattoo will remain 4 till 12 days, sometimes even longer.



You can take a shower – without scrubbing the tattoo of course – and if you want to (premature) remove the tattoo, just use alcohol (70%, sold at the local drugstore for about 1,50 per bottle, good to have at home anyway!), or you can use baby-/olive oil. The non-toxic airbrush paint is specially manufactured for the skin and it has got a base of alcohol. There are no allergic reactions known with this type of paint. ( Black henna tattoos are known for allergic reactions to certain type of skins. Black henna paint is manufactured to dye hair and contains chemicals. Therefore this dye can generate (burn) blisters when exposed to, for example, the sun. (Red) brown henna can be used on skin without any allergic reaction.

Get it On Tattoos has a choice out of more than 20.000 designs, including dragons, celtic designs, Chinese signs, flowers, tribals, and a lot of funny designs, including words, names, individual letters and the combination of a design with letters or numbers. At this moment you can choose from the colours red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white and of course black, but also some nacre (mother-of-pearl) colours: pink, gold and anthracite. The price of a tattoo depends on the size of the design, and can vary from 3 to 15 euros. Most (standard) tattoos are 5 to 6 euros.

You can find Get it On Tattoos at different locations, such as festivals: Art Carnivale (2009/10/11/12/13), Huntenpop Ulft (2010/11/12) Vegesacker Hafenfest Bremen Nord (2010), Fun Festival Beijum (Groningen) (2009/10/11/12/13). Themefestivals: Harleyday Annen (2008/09/10/11/12), Rocketride to Gideon Musicfestival Experience Groningen (2008/09/11/12), Sundance Festival Assen (2010/11/12/13) and several art- and yearmarkets throughout Holland.

21./22. Juli
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Rock am Stück Fritzlar
Festival Maritim Vegesack

You can also come for a tattoo by appointment, for a standard tattoo or own design. Price can be agreed via email or by phone. Just send a picture of your choice of tattoo, or describe it in an email.

Hire Get it On Tattoos
Get it On Tattoos can be hired for a day or part of a day, for example if you want to organize a (private) party, festival, themeparty, street fest, art festival, fashion show, you name it. Price is being agreed, depending on (estimated) amount of visitors/guests in advance. To rent GiO part of a day, you pay an agreed amount of money and the tattoo price will be set to suit your party guests, for example 2,50 per tattoo or for free, depending on your personal budget.

Get it On Tattoos organizes workshops on, for example, schools, studentclubs and theme events for different agegroups. Prices will be agreed in advance and will include all the necessary materials. There will be a choice of materials available, like canvas, paper, t-shirts and if required the use of a projector (overheadprojector or fotoprojector) and a plotter (a plotter cuts stencils and stickers). Groups cannot be larger than 8 persons since there are 4 airbrushes available. Everyone gets a certificate at the end of the workshop. Ask for an offer through email or phone for more information.

From May 2011 Get it On Tattoos makes stickers and stencils on location to pimp up f.e. your scooter, car or otherwise. You can have a text or design sprayed on a t-shirt, bag, jeans, shoes, etc. Just drop in and ask for the possibilities! E-Mail: 

You can place an order for an airbrushdesign on canvas, wood (decor), but also on paper, walls, car, motorbike, surfboard, helmet, leather clothes, t-shirt, flags, you name it. Think of a design yourself or ask for the possiblities through mail to see if your design is available and possible according to time investment and materials.

Phone or mail
Please phone or mail for further information about designs and photos, possibilities and prices: (0031)623701542.

Hope to see you on 11. September 2021 at Groninger Museumnacht!

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